Loog Guitars at Summer NAMM 2015

Our second Summer NAMM was over way before we were ready for it to end – and boy was it amazing. Nashville’s Summer NAMM is supposed to be a smaller version of the Anaheim NAMM Show but well, you know how it usually goes for us: small is sometimes better 😉

Loog Guitars at Summer NAMM

We had a great time this year at the show and, we know we keep saying this, but we feel it was our best trade show experience so far: we closed some nice deals that will help us get Loog Guitars into more stores, more cities and more countries. We also met new friends, including some from Nashville’s songwriter scene who dropped by our booth to play for a while and left loving how the 3-string approach was making them rediscover guitar playing and songwriting. Read more

Why Do So Many People Love Prince?

PrincePrince’s birthday is coming up! Yes, we know, his birthday isn’t until next Sunday (June 7). But what can you do with a Sunday birthday other than celebrate it all weekend?

You guys might have realized we’ve got a huge musician crush on Prince and always do something special for his birthday – and the day he turns 57 couldn’t be any different.

Today we’re going to address a -sadly- VERY common question: why do so many people love Prince?! Most people know Prince for his eccentricity, his pop ballads and basically being the poster boy for 1980s fashion and style. And when you’re just focusing on that, it’s easy to see why so many people just don’t understand why so many fans, critically acclaimed musicians, guitarists, keyboardists, bassists and more absolutely love him.

But Prince IS amazing. There’s no hype to it. Here’s our attempt to explain it.

1. He is incredibly prolific
Prince is one of the most prolific artists out there – to date, he’s released over 40 albums, won seven Grammy Awards, a Golden Globe and an Academy Award. He’s had too many hit songs to count. He’s done four movies. He’s written huge hits for other artists. He was the go-to music producer of the 1980s. Prince is generally known as an artist, but he’s also an acclaimed musician, producer, director, composer, actor and songwriter. Basically, he’s made a name for himself in not just ONE career, but several ones people only dream of having.

2. While we’re at it, he’s an amazing artist
Prince’s style and aesthetic are basically what we imagine when we think of the 80s and 90s. Just look at this video:

All the clichés are there – only that, back then, these weren’t clichés but an aesthetic in the making (plus, it’s way back when music videos could be six minutes long and no one cared).

Plus, listen to the first few seconds of that song – you immediately can tell it’s a Prince song. Is it because of the synth? Ok then, here’s another more recent example:

Just the first few chords SCREAM Prince. And only a certain kind of genius can actually put a personal brand on music like that.

3. He puts on a great show – and can play a mean guitar
Surprised to see Prince with a guitar? You shouldn’t be (and yes, we know most people who were born way back then know this, but you’d be amazed at how many people still think Prince is that 80s pop guy!). Prince is actually a bonafide guitar legend. Just look at him killing the solo to “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame tribute to George Harrison (skip over to 3:28 to see Prince in action):

And that’s the thing – he just owned the moment right there, with all those top-notch musicians behind him. Prince comes from the era of Michael Jackson and Madonna, people who choreographed their shows to the tee, even lip-synching entire shows. Prince provided the real deal: his live shows are chock-full of examples of him just making swift changes, stretching out solos or even changing beats on the fly. His live shows are as unique as they come. Here’s an entire playlist of live Prince if you don’t believe us:

4. Did we say guitar? He plays a mean ANYTHING
Prince is truly a musical virtuoso, considered one of the best guitarists, vocalists, keyboardists and bassists around. He’s actually known for playing ALL of the instruments in some of his albums, and has a knack of showing up at shows and asking to play. Check out these two examples. Both feature guitars, though – Prince is also not a fan a YouTube videos 😉

5. He can whip out hits, just like that
We’ve already told you Prince is also a songwriter – but he’s also written an abundance of hits for other people. Do you recognize this song?

Yup, the song was written by Prince. How about this one?

Also Prince. But we won’t bore you with an entire list of other artists’ hits actually composed by Prince – swim around his Wikipedia page for a ton of more entries 😉

Think there’s something that makes Prince great that we missed? Tell us in the comments!

The Loog BB King Playlist – Or How to Turn a Frown into a Smile Today

B.B. King's Lucille

B.B. King’s Lucille

Today is a sad, sad day – the world has lost another amazing guitarist. And even though BB King will continue to inspire kids and adults for generations to come -as most passing musicians do- it’s always sad to say goodbye.

Today is the first of those days. Ever since we heard the news, we’ve been listening to the King of Blues nonstop, rediscovering partially-forgotten gems, reminiscing and sharing BB King tunes with each other. Surprisingly (or not), it made a seemingly crappy day end with a happier, bittersweet note. So for all of you mourning our King today, here’s a small sample of what we shared today, the day in which BB King turned from legend into legendary.

“Everybody wants to go to Heaven, but no one wants to die to get there!” – BB King

B.B. King In Concert - San Rafael, CA

This is just a sample – there are hundreds of more songs on YouTube and Spotify. Or, you could take Eric Clapton’s suggestion and find BB King Live at the Regal to listen to this weekend, along with your kids. They’ll probably thank you -and the King- later 🙂

Loog Guitars’ Third NAMM Show Experience

Last week was our third and busiest NAMM Show to date! We had a blast getting to know so many people and jamming with all the folks who dropped by booth #4715.

Loog Guitars at NAMM 2015

The Anaheim Convention Center was brimming with energy from morning til night, the people were super nice and open to meeting everyone there and all the products and music we experienced were awesome. All in all, a pretty amazing experience. You can see all the pics we took right here.

Loog Guitars at NAMM 2015

We always like to land in NAMM with a few surprises up our sleeve and this year was no exception. Our booth featured two new Electric Loog Guitar models that everyone LOVED – it was exciting to see the reception.

See-through and all-wood Electric Loog Guitars

The see-through, acrylic Electric Loog Guitar was the quick fan favorite for its weird factor but the all-wood Electric Loog Guitar soon conquered everyone’s little rock ‘n’ roll hearts. See for yourself:

Loog Guitars at NAMM 2015

The best thing was how many people were open to play with us – we managed to capture a TON of clips on video, which we duly uploaded to our YouTube channel. Here’s one, for instance, of the Branaa family jamming with us:


Our friend Lucky Díaz also stopped by and couldn’t help but put the see-through Electric Loog Guitar to the test with Dinamita by his side:


And even better – SO many female guitarists taking the time to check the Loog out. Our favorite was Jean, from Toronto, who we met on the last day and was adamant about giving Dinamita a run for his money:


And these videos are just the tip of the iceberg. You can find ALL of them here.

Last but not least, thanks to everyone who dropped by our booth to say hi, share a few words and play a little while. You made NAMM 2015 completely worth it – we’re returning home with more stories, more music and more friends than ever!

The Electric Loog Guitar in Videos – So Far

It’s hard to get to know a guitar online. And while we do try to convey the love we feel for our own Loog Guitars via social media and this site, sometimes pictures and words are just not enough.

Luckily, we recently started uploading more videos of the Electric Loog Guitar on our YouTube Channel, where you can see all the people who tried it out at NAMM like this one:

But we’re also extremely lucky to have several Electric Loog players send in their own footage playing their Electric Loog Guitars – and we thought it would be cool to gather all of them right here for your hearing pleasure.

So here’s a sample of the things we’ve been receiving so far – and links to these awesome folks’ social media profiles from where they did so. We’re really grateful to have such a bunch of talented people share our passion for these tiny guitars that could!

Do I wanna know – arctic monkeys #loog style #guitar #awesome #music #sound @loogguitars

Video posted by Seth Rudd (@saltine_seth) el


Faders guitar teacher @aceofwades shredding on the blue Loog. @loogguitars @loogcanada #loog Video posted by Faders Music – Brandon, MB (@fadersmusic) el

Episode 2 of @fadersmusic Guitar Teachers riffing on the @loogguitars #addictive #loog #nottheintendeduseofaloog

Video posted by Faders Music – Brandon, MB (@fadersmusic) el

Our guitar teacher @aceofwades is back shredding on @loogguitars #loog #shred #guitar

Video posted by Faders Music – Brandon, MB (@fadersmusic) el

Guitar Practice from Todd Patrick on Vimeo.

So a huge thanks to everyone with the courage to send in video of themselves playing – and keep ’em coming! The more we have, the more we can share our love for this tiny, awesome guitar 🙂

The Hound Dog Taylor Sound

Hound Dog Taylor


We’ve recently become obsessed with a Blues musician who might have been the godfather of Punk and one of the pioneers of Rock n Roll as we know it. We’re obviously talking about Hound Dog Taylor. Just watch him in action:




Hound Dog Taylor was born in 1915 in Mississippi. He was born with 6 (six!) fingers in each hand, and his first instrument wasn’t the guitar – it was the piano. However, by the time he was in his twenties he has sold his Blues soul to a super-cheap Japanese teisco guitar with a slide. His resulting trademark sound was dirty, messy, raw and totally unheard of at the time.

He quickly gathered a loyal following with his wild and unpredictable shows, and became a favorite in the Chicago South and Westside. In the 60s he formed his band, Hound Dog Taylor and the HouseRockers. All their shows started with him shouting “Hey! Let’s have some fun!” before he became a tight little wad of energy and frenzy. Punk rock, anyone?

Hound Dog Taylor's hand

Speaking of punk rock: Taylor’s hand.

He died in 1975 and his epitaph was already written by him, several decades ago. His tombstone reads “He couldn’t play sh*t, but he sure made it sound good!” A true artist!

Old school Blues guitarists like Hound Dog Taylor were a HUGE inspiration for the Electric Loog Guitar (that also got some news this week on Kickstarter, if you’re interested). Vintage pickups with some distortion and a slide can sound AMAZING, something you can’t really get with a standard or expensive guitar – that’s why lots of professional guitar players hunt down these old, beaten-up, super cheap guitars – Jack White’s a huge example of this, and a big fan of the Hound Dog Taylor sound.

There are more videos on Youtube which you can check out, and even listen to some of his records. Here’s another great live performance:


Listen to a complete album here:


And get more info here, here and here.

What other old school musicians do you geek out about? Let’s us know and we’ll DEFINITELY check them out!