Loog Academy App Preview

Hey fellow Loog players! We’re reporting back from day two at this year’s NAMM Show with ANOTHER cool thing you can find at booth #5720 (which we’re sharing with Hal Leonard because songs in our new booklets!).

Apart from being able to pick up a Loog and take it for a spin, meet the founder of Loog Guitars, check out our new booklets and have a great time, you can also ask us to show you a preview of our coming-soon Loog Academy app – and we’ll gladly oblige 😉

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Loog Guitar Store News: Complementary Pickguard Sets and New Tuner!

Loog Guitar Pickguard SetHey guys! As the most observant of you have already noticed, we’ve done some moving around in the Loog Store lately.

First off, now all Loog Guitars come with a pickguard set, which means you get 5 different pickguards with every purchase of a new Loog. These pickguards can be easily swapped to keep the guitars fresh and new – there’s green, red, blue, yellow and off-white to choose from! The pickguard set was originally a sold-separately $19 accessory, so this is quite cool.

On the OTHER hand, we also have a new tuner available! You can get it as a stand-alone $19 item or as part of our $199 value pack, which includes a Loog Guitar, a pickguard set, a guitar stand, a Loog strap and -now- a tuner.

So take your pick! We’ve constantly trying to improve our store and think this is quite a switch – for the better. Let us know what you think 🙂

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Loog Guitar Tuner

Tuning Your Loog Guitar Just Got Easier!

Mini Headstock Tuner from Loog GuitarsThe most observant of you might have noticed a tiny addition to the Loog Store the other day: a mini headstock tuner. This is the first non-Loog branded product we are selling and, obviously, we couldn’t be more excited.

Designed jointly by the Ned Steinberger and Planet Waves, this mini tuner solves the number one problem for people learning to play guitar: how on earth they’re supposed to tune the damn thing to begin with.

Almost no one’s born with perfect pitch and even pros use tuners – and this tiny, clip-on tuner is perfect for the Loog. Just clip it onto the headstock and pluck a string to know how far away you’re from the perfect note. If the backlit LCD screen shows the note in red, you’re way out of tune. Keep tuning up until it turns green – this means you’re getting close. Once the display shows your note between two vertical bars (say, |E|), you’re good to go!

Plus, you can use the same tuner to accurately tune your Loog Guitar or any other instrument you have, from standard guitars to 5-string basses and ukuleles.

This is actually the first of a series of collaborations with the New York-based D’Addario company (owners of the Planet Waves brand) we’ll be announcing, so make sure to stay tuned for more news – pun totally intended 😉

And for a full lesson on how to tune your guitar using a chromatic tuner like this one, check out Keni Lee Burgess’ first lesson on how to play the Loog. We never could have explained tuning better!