Loog Guitars at Toy Fair 2016

Phew! We’re having such a great time chatting back and forth with you guys about our new #LoogAcademy app and the improved song book (shipping with the Loog starting in April!) that we almost forgot to tell you about the great time we had at the New York Toy Fair this year. Well, here it goes 😉

Loog Guitars at Toy Fair NY 2016

Booth #5719 was BURSTING with people and we’re not even kidding – many of those who dropped by hadn’t even heard about the Loog and were actually surprised by the guitars’ quality. But, most of all, people were so excited about getting to play a song on day one! We actually took some to the test, powered with the new song book and #LoogAcademy app – and boy did we get to witness some really giddy adults on their way out. Read more

Loog Guitars Back at Toy Fair NY!

You’ll never hear us complain about the weather, but boy was it cold this weekend in NYC! Luckily, we spent a huge part of our time indoors at the Toy Fair NY, our FOURTH so far and best yet. Yes, we know, every edition of every fair and show we go to is the best to date but we can’t help it if it’s true 😉

Toy Fair NY 2015

Highlights: we met awesome new friends at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center and interesting new clients which you’ll probably hear about later this year. Here’s a pic we took with Taka, from our Japanese distributors Cast, for instance:

Rafael Atijas and Taka from Cast, Japan

We also met a few new Kickstarter backers, which is always nice – we love getting to know everyone who put so much faith on us!

Our booth at Toy Fair NY 2015

Our booth was tiny but we were quite proud of it, all stuffed with Electric Loogs. Dinamita joined us for the four days to play some tunes and jam with whoever stopped by to take a peek. We sort of provided the soundtrack for the show, if we may say so 🙂 Here are Dinamita and Laurence giving the harp Blues a go:


Toy Fair is ALWAYS a great opportunity for us to also check out what else is going on in the industry. And being huge kids-at-heart, we were fascinated with the plethora of cool, new and classic toys, all under one roof. There were Lego blocks, balls, giant plush bears, gadgets and gismos a-plenty, whosits and whatsits galore. Who could ask for more?

Loog Guitars at Toy Fair NY 2015

Loog Guitars Best in Play at Toy Fair NY

January and February are commonly known as “Award Season” in the US and, while we didn’t get our hands on any Oscars, we still feel like Jennifer Lawrence (trip and all, because we’re also clumsy and heart JLaw).

The first month of the year was all about the NAMM Show and our Best Tools Award from SOB Magazine. And February came along with the NY Toy Fair and a much unexpected award from Parenting Magazine, naming Loog Guitars Best in Play at the show. You’ve probably already seen this pic all over the place but please humor us:

Loog Guitars - Best in Play at Toy Fair 2013 by Parenting Magazine

The numbers are now out and we’ve found out the Loog was chosen as one of the 26 best playthings in over 150,000 toys. That’s like… whoa. Not bad!

Here’s what Parenting Magazine had to say about our little three-string:

Most musical instruments for kids aren’t all that musical. (Try tuning those cheap plastic guitar strings.) The Loog is the real deal. This sturdy instrument, made of real wood and using real guitar strings, is totally DIY: you assemble it yourself. (Translation: great bonding activity.) Think of it as a Washburn acoustic with training wheels.

Check out the full slideshow on Parenting Magazine to see other toys that received the same distinction.

Meanwhile, excuse us while we go jump and down on our beds and wear different colored socks from sheer mind-numbing excitement while getting dressed. The only thing that even comes close to actually expressing how we feel is this video, featuring a three year-old girl named Madeline and a train:

But, above all, a huge thank you to every one who made and is making all of this possible! We hope this year has many more Madeline-like moments in store for all of us.