Loog Guitars Best in Show at Summer NAMM 2016

Yup folks, the rumors are true! Our last leg of our never-ending musical tour called life led us back to Nashville for the 2016 Summer NAMM – and we came back Best in Show in the “Gotta Stock It” category!

Ever since we won the Best Tools for Schools award at the 2013 NAMM Show, we’ve been coveting the Best in Show prize – and 2016 was the year we finally made it. We had the privilege of sharing a stand with Hal Leonard, our exclusive US distributor, who was more than cool that we advertise our new distinction. They were also really cool with us jumping and down with joyful abandon, which was also greatly appreciated 😉 Read more

The Third Man Records Electric Loog Guitar

The time has finally come! We’re so, SO proud to finally announce that the Third Man Records Electric Loog Guitar is finally available at the store!

Third Man Records Electric Loog Guitar - Yellow

Planned as a Record Store Day exclusive, these branded Electric Loog Guitars come in yellow-on-black and black-on-yellow, their unassembled parts tucked into a newly-designed box with cheat sheets for “We’re Going to Be Friends,” “Black Math,” and “Hip (Eponymous) Poor Boy”. The rest is just your regular Electric Loog magic – tweaked to convey the signature TMR black-and-yellow awesomeness.

You can also get exclusive accessories for your new TMR Electric Loog Guitar: there’s a nifty little backpack, a striped guitar strap made for little ones and a guitar stand.

Third Man Records Electric Loog Guitar - Bundle

We’re HUGE fans of Jack White and Third Man Records and have been for a very long, long time – so just imagine our excitement! To find out that people you look up to dig what you’re doing to the extent of offering it to THEIR fans… just wow. We’re feeling blessed and honored and terribly proud of our little guitar that could 🙂

So thanks for Third Man Records for this amazing experience – it’s definitely a Record Store Day we’ll remember forever!

Third Man Records Electric Loog Guitar - Black

The Electric Loog Guitar at Third Man Records Recording Booth

Here’s a quick something we’d really like to share with you.

You might know we were in Nashville for Summer NAMM a few weekends ago, but what you maybe didn’t know is that we took the time to drop by a place we were DYING to see: Third Man Records. We’re huge fans of Jack White here at Loog Guitars (Whitievers? Jack Whiteneers?) and couldn’t resist being so close to his record label and not, you know, drop by and squee at everything we saw. So we did just that.

Third Man Records' Recording BoothThe place is amazing, and it’s all the internet promised us it would be. But the best part -or one of our favorite parts at least- is the refurbished 1947 recording booth they have set up within the tiny shop. How it works is: you go inside, record whatever you want for two minutes and get a one-of-a-kind 6″ phonograph disc with whatever you recorded for posterity. Some people have even gone further and, like Neil Young, have used the booth to record entire albums.

So of course we dragged an Electric Loog Guitar on the trip with us and had Dinamita play in the same place where Neil Young and Jack White have been.

The end result is this little video and a huge dream of ours come true: