Loog Guitars at NAMM 2016

Whew! Last weekend was CRAZY! First off, it was a different NAMM Show for us, not having our own booth and all. Still, this wasn’t a downgrade by any means: partnering with Hal Leonard meant that we were at the largest, best located booth in all of NAMM 2016 – and it showed.

Loog at NAMM 2016

We met SO many old and new friends, and loved the excitement we saw toward our new app and booklet (which even has songs from the Hal Leonard collection to play!). And, as usual, we also had our fan boy moments: me got to meet Dare Jones (Jack White’s drummer), Darryl Jones (Rolling Stones’ bass player), Doug Wimbish, Don Was (!!!), Bakithi Kumalo, Jimmy Vivino, Labamba and even the talented Paul Frank. And no, we refuse to apologize for the annoying selfies we took with every single one of them 😉 Read more

Loog Guitars’ Third NAMM Show Experience

Last week was our third and busiest NAMM Show to date! We had a blast getting to know so many people and jamming with all the folks who dropped by booth #4715.

Loog Guitars at NAMM 2015

The Anaheim Convention Center was brimming with energy from morning til night, the people were super nice and open to meeting everyone there and all the products and music we experienced were awesome. All in all, a pretty amazing experience. You can see all the pics we took right here.

Loog Guitars at NAMM 2015

We always like to land in NAMM with a few surprises up our sleeve and this year was no exception. Our booth featured two new Electric Loog Guitar models that everyone LOVED – it was exciting to see the reception.

See-through and all-wood Electric Loog Guitars

The see-through, acrylic Electric Loog Guitar was the quick fan favorite for its weird factor but the all-wood Electric Loog Guitar soon conquered everyone’s little rock ‘n’ roll hearts. See for yourself:

Loog Guitars at NAMM 2015

The best thing was how many people were open to play with us – we managed to capture a TON of clips on video, which we duly uploaded to our YouTube channel. Here’s one, for instance, of the Branaa family jamming with us:


Our friend Lucky Díaz also stopped by and couldn’t help but put the see-through Electric Loog Guitar to the test with Dinamita by his side:


And even better – SO many female guitarists taking the time to check the Loog out. Our favorite was Jean, from Toronto, who we met on the last day and was adamant about giving Dinamita a run for his money:


And these videos are just the tip of the iceberg. You can find ALL of them here.

Last but not least, thanks to everyone who dropped by our booth to say hi, share a few words and play a little while. You made NAMM 2015 completely worth it – we’re returning home with more stories, more music and more friends than ever!

Our Amazing Weekend at 2014 Summer NAMM

The Electric Loog Guitar at Summer NAMM

We just had the most amazing three days at Summer NAMM in Nashville this weekend, showcasing the final Electric Loog Guitar and getting increasingly giddy about them finally shipping out next Monday. (Yes! That’s ONE WEEK from today!) But among the many friends we met, old and new, something was quite awesome: lots of people had a chance to try out the Electric Loog Guitar and the feedback we got was GREAT!
The Electric Loog Guitar at Summer NAMM
Trying the Electric Loog Guitar at Summer NAMM

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Loog Guitars at Summer NAMM 2014

Hey there! We’re back in Nashville this weekend, this time for the 2014 edition of Summer NAMM that starts today and ends this Saturday – if you’re in the neighborhood, drop by to say hi! We’re in booth #1625 at the Music City Center with some regular Loog Guitars and a couple of Electric Loog Guitars for you to play with 🙂

Here are a couple of pics to help you recognize our booth (or actually, to show that there’s no way to miss it!):

Summer NAMM Loog Guitars 2014 Summer NAMM Loog Guitars 2014

NAMM also features a series of events and shows during each of its editions – you can check out schedules for Thursday, Friday and Saturday online, or follow the event online with one of their live streams. Hope we get to see some of you over there this weekend!

PS: We’re not teasing… there will be news on the Electric Loog Guitar soon! Stay tuned.

Electric Loog Guitar Update!

[This was originally posted in the Electric Loog Guitar’s Kickstarter page but I wanted to put it here as well, in case any of you aren’t really following our updates there. The TL;DR is: we have pre-production samples, we’re tweaking some minor things and we’re right on schedule. Plus: awesome pics from NAMM 2014!]

Hello! I hope you all had a great new year start. We had a busy holiday season and last week we came back from the NAMM Show (a huge musical instruments trade show in the U.S.) where we showed some early samples of the Electric Loog and even met a few of you there!

Here are a few pictures; as you can see, we now have samples in new colors apart from the blue one we showed in Kickstarter:ç

Loog Guitars Booth at NAMM 2014

Our booth at NAMM.

Electric and Acoustic Loog Guitars

The goods!

Yellow and Blue Electric Loog Guitars

Yellow and blue.

Green Electric Loog Guitar


Off White Electric Loog Guitar


Detail on Off-White Electric Loog Guitar

A closer look.


Detail on Green Electric Loog Guitar

Detail on the green.

Unassembled Loog Guitar


Loog Guitar Neck

Our new logo on the Loog Guitar neck 🙂

So, this is what’s new: we purchased the pickups and we placed the order for the strings (to D’Addario, the world’s largest string manufacturer and our current string provider for our acoustic models too). We also received a new set of samples from our manufacturing partners in China and things are definitely headed in the right direction, but there are still a few corrections to be made. Not to bore you with the details, but as an example of the back-and-forth we have with them, here are a few lines of what was a very long email (followed by a Skype call):

  • the cavities for the volume knob and output jack should be 30mm deep resulting in a 5mm wall to place those parts (knob and jack). Since that wall is 7mm in the sample, those parts don’t fit.
  • the screws for the pickup, in the back of the guitar, should fit flush to the surface of the back of the guitar.
  • the radius in the outline of the body is almost imperceptible. In the technical drawings is specified that it should be 1.5mm.

There were some other minor issues of this sort, but all in all things are looking good both time-wise and quality-wise. Now we’ll have a couple of slow weeks because of the Chinese New Year holiday, but we expect to have a new production update before the end of February when we expect to enter in full production-mode and make the first batch of Electric Loog Guitars!

Let me know if you have any questions, please.



Loog Guitars at NAMM Recap and an Awesome Video

Loog Guitars at NAMM 2013The NAMM Show 2013 is now over but we’re still basking in what a great time we had there and remembering all the cool people we met. It was the first time for Loog Guitars at NAMM ever, so we knew we were bound for a good time. But the reality exceeded even our wildest expectations – and we even won an award!

Everything started off awesomely when we were selected out of thousands of exhibitors for the Media Preview Day. Edgard and German helped out showcase the Loog and play with whoever was up to it. This podcast made by Hittin’ Media pretty much records our first day there, as well as this video by Suzanne Perry:

What came next was a whirlwind of new people, impromptu jamming sessions and awesomeness (have I said awesome too much yet?). We met up with old friends and made some new ones. Damian Fanelli from Guitar World dropped by and enjoyed his demo (thanks for the tweet and pic, Damian!), Tom Dumont from No Doubt became the Loog’s newest fan, we caught up with Lucky Diaz… and we won the Best Tools for Schools award given by School Band & Orchestra Magazine (with participation from -wait for it- the Museum of Making Music).

Just imagine just how much we freaked out. Go on, we’ll wait. We shared the podium with names like Yamaha and Alfred Publishing, and were chosen from so many really cool tools by those who get it the most – music educators from around the country who just dropped by and then voted via ballot. All in all, an amazing experience and kind of a graduating ceremony for the Loog.

Loog Guitars at NAMMWe also took advantage of the grand occasion to announce a new updated design for the Loog Guitar, which we now know will start shipping in March. And just in case you didn’t catch our tweets and posts yesterday, everyone getting a Loog from now on will not only receive it but get a free, surprise package in the mail come March – well, actually, you’ll be getting an adjustable-height bridge in the mail to go with your new Loog, but don’t tell anyone we told you 😉

And just in case we didn’t manage to convey how awesome NAMM is, check out the pictures we uploaded yesterday to Facebook or this little video of everyone just jamming at the show:

Thanks to everyone who made this NAMM so, so special for us! And, well, see you next year – or on February 10th at the NY Toy Fair. You’ll be seeing a lot of us this year for sure!