Loog Guitars with David Mills at the WOS Day Camp

We recently checked in with our favorite music teacher, David Mills, to see what he was up to lately – turns out he’s been teaching up a storm at the W.O. Smith Music School (WOS) in Nashville this July and even has video to prove it!

WOS Day Camp

Every July, the WOS offers a week-long Day Camp for students aged 7-11 years old, who have little to no experience playing instruments. The kids only pay $50 for the week (the WOS Day camps are funded by the Country Music Association) and, this year, got to play around with multiple instruments to see which one they liked better – Loog Guitar included!

Watch the kids play up a storm on their last day of camp in this video right here (we can’t embed it in this post). Remember – they’re playing this after only four DAYS of classes! This is largely also due to to David’s awesome DoSo Method, which the other teachers rallied around. Read more

Learning to Play Guitar with Loog and Levi’s Kids

We’re always jumping at opportunities to see kids interacting with our Loog Guitars. And with the recent launch of Loog in our own hometown, we partnered up with Levi’s Kids to teach some kids how to play guitar while eavesdropping a bit ourselves 😉

Loog Guitars and Levi's Kids

The experience was amazing – kids responded in an overwhelmingly positive way to the Loog and even dared play a few chords here and there. Our guitar teachers also got into the groove and encouraged the little ones to start playing right away. Most kids walked away excited about music and asking their parents to sign them up for music lessons. Read more

8 Indoor Activities to Do with Your Kids

This should be the perfect time of the year for outdoor games and running around – but, in certain parts of the country, June’s spring showers are giving way to an even cloudier July. And every parent knows that summer break and summer showers aren’t exactly the best combo.

So what to do? Have a blast inside, that’s what! Here’s a short and sweet list of eight fun indoor activities you can do with your kids – some of them even using your very own Loog Guitar 😉

1. Kitchen Rock Band
No need to have a plethora of instruments at your disposal to let your kids play some music. Go hunting for some pots, cans and wooden spoons for a mighty loud session! Read more

Five Harder DIY Musical Instruments to Make This Weekend ;-)

It’s no secret that we’re crazy about DIY, especially DIY instruments. Just you, some pieces of wood and metal, a whole lot of patience and the pleasure to actually build something with your own hands. That’s the simple joy of it, and something that you can easily share with your kids. So, now that you’ve built your Loog, dare you tackle something a bit more complicated? We’ve already shared some pretty easy-to-make DIY musical instruments to build for your kids in our blog before, but let’s take it a knotch higher this time…

Washtub Bass


Washtab Bass

This is a very old, folk and traditional hand-made bass from the early 20th century that’s great to play along your own Loog or acoustic guitar. Usually used in ensemble folk and jug bands for decades, all you need to make one is a steel string cable, a metal washtub and a broom for the instrument’s “neck”. Find the entire guide to build a washtub bass here.

Hang Drum

Hang Drum

The Hang Drum is actually a new and very interesting instrument. Created in Switzerland in the early 00s, it’s a new kind of percussion instrument, very much like a reverse steelpan, that is used to create rythm and melodies. It has a very beautiful and ethereal sound. All Hang Drums today are built on demand and tend to be very expensive, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t build a rough version of it yourself! Using only a propane tank and some power tools -and LOTS of patience to tune it- you can create a really cool sound that’s not as clear as with the real thing, but still awesome. Full instructions here.

Pocket Theremin

Pocket Theremin

The Theremin was the first electronic instrument ever made – it was created in the 20s by Leon Theremin, and is still the only instrument that you can play without touching it. Moving your hand near one of its antennae changes the pitch, while doing so over the other controls the volume. It’s very difficult to play in a “classical” way but SUPER fun to just make blurpy, ghost sounds. You can build a small and simple Theremin easily for under $20. Are you good at fiddling with electronics? Even if the answer is no, this is a good starter proyect. Instructions and a complete list of items needed here.

Cigar-Box Guitar

Cigar-box Guitar

The cigar-box guitar is actually the grandfather of the Loog guitar. It’s much more complicated to build, but so totally worth it. These babies are fretless instruments, so they are much more challenging to play than a regular guitar, but sound great with a slide and some practice. Want to try one? We already have an entire blog post showing different instructions to different kinds of cigar-box guitars for all kinds of skill levels.

Turn Anything into an Instrument
If you’re more into pocket Thereminds than Cigar-box guitars, then you’ll probably love this one: Makey Makey is an invention kit that lets you control your computer with anything. Drawings, pieces of clay-doh, bananas, pieces of cardboard… ANYTHING. The concept is simple: Makey Makey is just a small card with cables and alligator connectors. You plug those alligator connectors to anything, and plug the Makey Makey to one of your computer’s USB ports. That’s it – the possibilities are endless. Look at this video that shows a few of the thousands of musical instruments that you can build. It includes musical paintings, a piano played with balloons on the ceiling, touch-sensitive fur, organ gloves, and much, much more!

Loog at the Neighborhood Music School’s Open House

Remember David Mills, our favorite guitar teacher from the Neighborhood Music School in New Haven, CT? Well, he recently sent us these pics from the school’s Open House, a regular event at the start of each semester, where students can try out various instruments and dance classes before making a choice on what to study.

Loog Guitar at the Neighborhood Music School

In these photos students are trying our 3-string Loog Guitars, which are used in a DoSo Music class where children (ages 7-11) learn music fundamentals by singing and strumming songs from around the world.

Loog Guitar at the Neighborhood Music School

Aren’t they awesome? So glad so many kids loved the Loog during this Open House and so cool of David to share this moment with us! Neighborhood Music School is one of the oldest and largest community art schools in the United States providing music lessons for 3,000 students each year. This is a huge deal and we’re honored to be a part of it. Thanks, David!

Loog Guitar at the Neighborhood Music School

(All pics are by Jill Weaver from the Neighborhood Music School. Thanks for letting us share them, Jill!)

Our Amazing Weekend at 2014 Summer NAMM

The Electric Loog Guitar at Summer NAMM

We just had the most amazing three days at Summer NAMM in Nashville this weekend, showcasing the final Electric Loog Guitar and getting increasingly giddy about them finally shipping out next Monday. (Yes! That’s ONE WEEK from today!) But among the many friends we met, old and new, something was quite awesome: lots of people had a chance to try out the Electric Loog Guitar and the feedback we got was GREAT!
The Electric Loog Guitar at Summer NAMM
Trying the Electric Loog Guitar at Summer NAMM

Read more