Loog Educator Spotlight: David Mills

Many music teachers are slowly turning toward the Loog to teach kids how to play guitar – the instrument holds easy learning and kids at the heart of its design and we’re psyched that so many educators have caught on. David Mills is one of precursors of this movement.

David Mills

We’ve talked about David, our favorite music teacher, over and over and over again – but most of you probably don’t know him that well. That’s why we thought it’d be cool to launch our new Educator Spotlight feature sharing a bit more about it. Read more

Loog Guitars with David Mills at the WOS Day Camp

We recently checked in with our favorite music teacher, David Mills, to see what he was up to lately – turns out he’s been teaching up a storm at the W.O. Smith Music School (WOS) in Nashville this July and even has video to prove it!

WOS Day Camp

Every July, the WOS offers a week-long Day Camp for students aged 7-11 years old, who have little to no experience playing instruments. The kids only pay $50 for the week (the WOS Day camps are funded by the Country Music Association) and, this year, got to play around with multiple instruments to see which one they liked better – Loog Guitar included!

Watch the kids play up a storm on their last day of camp in this video right here (we can’t embed it in this post). Remember – they’re playing this after only four DAYS of classes! This is largely also due to to David’s awesome DoSo Method, which the other teachers rallied around. Read more

Loog at the Neighborhood Music School’s Open House

Remember David Mills, our favorite guitar teacher from the Neighborhood Music School in New Haven, CT? Well, he recently sent us these pics from the school’s Open House, a regular event at the start of each semester, where students can try out various instruments and dance classes before making a choice on what to study.

Loog Guitar at the Neighborhood Music School

In these photos students are trying our 3-string Loog Guitars, which are used in a DoSo Music class where children (ages 7-11) learn music fundamentals by singing and strumming songs from around the world.

Loog Guitar at the Neighborhood Music School

Aren’t they awesome? So glad so many kids loved the Loog during this Open House and so cool of David to share this moment with us! Neighborhood Music School is one of the oldest and largest community art schools in the United States providing music lessons for 3,000 students each year. This is a huge deal and we’re honored to be a part of it. Thanks, David!

Loog Guitar at the Neighborhood Music School

(All pics are by Jill Weaver from the Neighborhood Music School. Thanks for letting us share them, Jill!)

Dan Navarro, Freebo, Fiona and a Loog Guitar

Freebo, Dan Navarro, Fiona and a Loog

It had been a while since we heard from David Mills, our favorite music teacher from the Neighborhood Music School in New Haven, CT. But some weeks ago we finally did get something – and surely David is now spoiling us rotten with the goodies he sends.

This time around, watch as Fiona (one of David’s students) gets serenaded at a folk fest by none other than Freebo and Dan Navarro. Fiona took her Loog Guitar to the folk fest for some fun times and ended up with front seats for this little impromptu serenade.

Watch the video yourself:

The look on Fiona’s face is probably our favorite part. Thank you David for the video, but also a huge thank you to Dan, Freebo and Fiona for creating such a great moment! We heart you all <3

New videos of Kids Playing Loog Guitar from David Mills and the Neighborhood Music School!

Guess what we just got in our inbox? David Mills, our favorite music teacher from the Neighborhood Music School in New Haven, CT, has two new videos of his students rocking out on Loog Guitars for the world to see.

The first one -“Sitting and Watching the Sea”- is written by Steven Worthy, an old friend of David’s. The second one is none other than Bruno Mars’ “Count on Me”. Both songs are part of David’s DoSo™ Guitar class, where kids use the Loog as a way to learn music fundamentals.

But enough talk and just let the videos do their magic:

Thanks David and a huge thank you to all the kids who were part of these videos. You rock! Plus, who knows… watching kids playing Loog Guitar can also encourage you to try it out for yourself. We promise it’s as easy as it looks 😉

David’s class is also part of our Loog for School program. If you’re interested in learning more about our program, drop us a line. We’d love to help you out!

Go Loog, Go Loog Go!

We’ve previously shared with you videos of kids playing their Loogs and even one video of a kid rocking Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds after just two lessons. But know what would be even more epic than that? An entire band of kids playing the Loog. And guess what we got:

All of these young rockers are from The Neighborhood DoSo Band, a program at the Neighborhood Music School in New Haven, Connecticut – yes, the same school where our favorite music teacher David Mills teaches kids how to play guitar. Thanks to the Loog for School program, all of these kids now sport cool Loogs to perform a variety of songs in many styles, learning music fundamentals that also let them improvise.

The song is, of course, Johnny B Goode and there aren’t words to describe how much we love this video. Not only can you really listen to what the Loog sounds like but remember – these are kids. And they’re really rocking out – solos and all!

A huge, huge thank you to David Mills for putting all of this together and sending it our way. Seeing kids learn and enjoy themselves like this with the Loog makes us even prouder of our little 3-string guitar that could.

And if you’re interested in the Loog for School program, drop us a line! We’d love to know how we can help you out.