Loog Guitars at Musikmesse 2015

We finally made it into Europe, you guys! We’ve been eyeing our European Kickstarter backers with subtle envy these past few years and knew we had to cross the Atlantic eventually – and this year’s musikmesse couldn’t have come at a better time.

Musikmesse, for those of you who aren’t really familiar with the international music show scene (as we were before we jumped into this bandwagon) is probably Europe’s most important show. Every single year we lived it through pictures and comments from all the amazing people we meet at other shows year-round. But this time – this time we hopped on a plane to Frankfurt and flew over there to live it ourselves. And boy was it worth it!

Loog Guitars at Musikmesse

Everyone was super nice and everything was super awesome at musikmesse 2015 – including the food (beer counts as food, right?). We made tons of new friends that will hopefully help us get our guitars into many different countries (not only in Europe!) within the next few months. And, to top it all, we fell in love with our guitars all over again as we watched so many people (seriously, so many) try them out in our little impromptu playing corner we built in our stand.

Loog Guitars at musikmesse - playing corner

So thanks to everyone who dropped by and lived this incredible experience with us from their computer and mobile screens! You made this an awesome first muskimesse for all of us. And stay tuned for more amazing Loog news soon…

The Third Man Records Electric Loog Guitar

The time has finally come! We’re so, SO proud to finally announce that the Third Man Records Electric Loog Guitar is finally available at the TMR.com store!

Third Man Records Electric Loog Guitar - Yellow

Planned as a Record Store Day exclusive, these branded Electric Loog Guitars come in yellow-on-black and black-on-yellow, their unassembled parts tucked into a newly-designed box with cheat sheets for “We’re Going to Be Friends,” “Black Math,” and “Hip (Eponymous) Poor Boy”. The rest is just your regular Electric Loog magic – tweaked to convey the signature TMR black-and-yellow awesomeness.

You can also get exclusive accessories for your new TMR Electric Loog Guitar: there’s a nifty little backpack, a striped guitar strap made for little ones and a guitar stand.

Third Man Records Electric Loog Guitar - Bundle

We’re HUGE fans of Jack White and Third Man Records and have been for a very long, long time – so just imagine our excitement! To find out that people you look up to dig what you’re doing to the extent of offering it to THEIR fans… just wow. We’re feeling blessed and honored and terribly proud of our little guitar that could 🙂

So thanks for Third Man Records for this amazing experience – it’s definitely a Record Store Day we’ll remember forever!

Third Man Records Electric Loog Guitar - Black

The Effects of Music on YOUR Brain

We’ve covered how music affects your kids’ brains before, but when you get a Loog it’s certain that you, the adult, will also be subjeted to music for a greater portion of the day. Worse things can happen – and we’re here to show you. Welcome to the sweet world of the effects of music on your brain!

These effects on adult brains can be positive and mysterious. When listening to any kind of music, different parts of the brain light up – we use different portions to process different things. So it’s natural that a whole array of effects follow, some of which science is still trying to explain. Here are some of the effects music has on your brain.

How your brain processes music

1. Music affects how we see people
Listening to happy or sad music will make you think another person is happier or sadder. It’s science. Apparently, music primes us to process emotion – so when faced with a neutral face, we’ll think the person wearing it will be feeling the same things the music we listened to conveyed.

Heath Ledger

To the left – before listening to dubstep. To the right, afterwards.

2. Sad music can actually make us feel better
This is no universal discovery but we found this study that actually explains why. Apparently, “we initially experience negative emotion, such as sadness, and subsequently experience pleasant emotion because of the rewarding effect of enjoying art. Thus, the experience of listening to sad music may ultimately elicit pleasant emotion.” Makes sense!

3. Don’t bop and drive
Music can actually make us worse at driving. This is really hard news to swallow BUT, there’s an upside: silence is worse. The best thing is to turn the radio on and listen to something as uninteresting as the traffic ahead.

4. It can increase creativity
“Yeah, sure,” you say. “I listen to a song, want to write my own songs, tour the world.” Pretty much, but that’s not what we mean 😉 Science has found that moderate ambient noise (as compared to low ambient noise) fosters creativity and innovative thought. So next time you have to put your thinking cap on, perhaps press play on the music player of your choice? Just remember: moderate ambient noice. Don’t go all metal on your brain!

5. What you listen to speaks loads about your personality
Yup, now people can correctly judge you for whatever’s playing on your iPod! This study found that what music you usually listen is a good way to predict your opennes to experience, extraversion and emotional stability. Just for reference, Blues fans are creative, outgoing, gentle and have great self-esteem. But we already knew that 😉

Pictured: Two Blues fans

Pictured: Two Blues fans

6. Music can make us healthier
Listening to music can relieve pain up to 21% when it comes to osteoarthritis, disc problems and rheumatoid arthritis. And according to the same study, it also alleviated depression-related pain up to 25%.

But what about actually making you healthier? The same source has studies that have found that relaxing music every morning and every evening can lower your blood pressure. Likewise, listening to music daily can speed up recovery from strokes, inducing neuroanatomical changes in the brain.

It’s even more good news for those who suffer from migranes, chronic headaches, reduce their seizure recurrence, recover from childbirth, early tinnitus or if you’re down for an immunity boost.

Music makes you healthier, more creative, happier and, depending on what genres you care for, a better person. So why not make some yourself tonight?

Loog Guitars Back at Toy Fair NY!

You’ll never hear us complain about the weather, but boy was it cold this weekend in NYC! Luckily, we spent a huge part of our time indoors at the Toy Fair NY, our FOURTH so far and best yet. Yes, we know, every edition of every fair and show we go to is the best to date but we can’t help it if it’s true 😉

Toy Fair NY 2015

Highlights: we met awesome new friends at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center and interesting new clients which you’ll probably hear about later this year. Here’s a pic we took with Taka, from our Japanese distributors Cast, for instance:

Rafael Atijas and Taka from Cast, Japan

We also met a few new Kickstarter backers, which is always nice – we love getting to know everyone who put so much faith on us!

Our booth at Toy Fair NY 2015

Our booth was tiny but we were quite proud of it, all stuffed with Electric Loogs. Dinamita joined us for the four days to play some tunes and jam with whoever stopped by to take a peek. We sort of provided the soundtrack for the show, if we may say so 🙂 Here are Dinamita and Laurence giving the harp Blues a go:


Toy Fair is ALWAYS a great opportunity for us to also check out what else is going on in the industry. And being huge kids-at-heart, we were fascinated with the plethora of cool, new and classic toys, all under one roof. There were Lego blocks, balls, giant plush bears, gadgets and gismos a-plenty, whosits and whatsits galore. Who could ask for more?

Loog Guitars at Toy Fair NY 2015

Loog Guitars’ Third NAMM Show Experience

Last week was our third and busiest NAMM Show to date! We had a blast getting to know so many people and jamming with all the folks who dropped by booth #4715.

Loog Guitars at NAMM 2015

The Anaheim Convention Center was brimming with energy from morning til night, the people were super nice and open to meeting everyone there and all the products and music we experienced were awesome. All in all, a pretty amazing experience. You can see all the pics we took right here.

Loog Guitars at NAMM 2015

We always like to land in NAMM with a few surprises up our sleeve and this year was no exception. Our booth featured two new Electric Loog Guitar models that everyone LOVED – it was exciting to see the reception.

See-through and all-wood Electric Loog Guitars

The see-through, acrylic Electric Loog Guitar was the quick fan favorite for its weird factor but the all-wood Electric Loog Guitar soon conquered everyone’s little rock ‘n’ roll hearts. See for yourself:

Loog Guitars at NAMM 2015

The best thing was how many people were open to play with us – we managed to capture a TON of clips on video, which we duly uploaded to our YouTube channel. Here’s one, for instance, of the Branaa family jamming with us:


Our friend Lucky Díaz also stopped by and couldn’t help but put the see-through Electric Loog Guitar to the test with Dinamita by his side:


And even better – SO many female guitarists taking the time to check the Loog out. Our favorite was Jean, from Toronto, who we met on the last day and was adamant about giving Dinamita a run for his money:


And these videos are just the tip of the iceberg. You can find ALL of them here.

Last but not least, thanks to everyone who dropped by our booth to say hi, share a few words and play a little while. You made NAMM 2015 completely worth it – we’re returning home with more stories, more music and more friends than ever!

Happy New Year from the Loog Guitars Team

Happy Loog Year

2014 was a year of learning and growth for Loog Guitars. After ending 2013 with the Electric Loog Guitar becoming 100% funded on Kickstarter, this year promised to be awesome. And it was – just not in the way we were expecting.

Life has the habit of proving you wrong every time you think you’ve got things completely figured out. We could just write about the good stuff but we’ve always preferred a more honest approach. This year, we faced a ton of surprises and challenges that came up at every corner, showing that Murphy’s Law is alive and well everywhere in the world. Loog Guitars is a young company, and with growth comes learning. Thankfully, after all the ups and downs of what we can only describe as a huge rollercoaster ride, we still managed to pull through. And that’s something we’ll definitely be celebrating this Wednesday and Thursday.

Yet that’s not all 2014 was about for us. Our visits to NAMM and Summer NAMM were the most fruitful to date. We launched new Loog-inspired accessories like our Loog backpacks and vintage straps. We got to visit Third Man Records -a huge dream of ours- and record a Loog track on their vintage recording booth. We got to sell guitars at the MoMA Store, an even greater milestone.

And, best of all, we got closer to the amazing community of Loog Guitar players spread around the world. We continued to see how young players at the New Music School in CT evolved thanks to our friend David Mills. We shared your frustration with delays, your happiness with every single delivery, your pride in showing off your guitar once you got to play. This year, we received more pictures and videos from Loog players than ever before. Each one of them made us unbelievably happy and humbled – happy that you’d share such a private moment with us and humbled that, despite twists and turns, you never stopped believing in us and gifted us with your patience.

In more ways than one, 2014 forced us to go back to square one. And to see so many people willing to walk with us through that journey was amazing. It made it less scary – and all worth it. We’re still working hard to get up to speed and -fingers crossed- we’re very, very close to that. Hopefully, 2015 will let us achieve everything we dreamed for 2014. And, channelling Barney Stinson, we hope it will be every bit as legendary as we imagine it.

So a huge thanks to all of you who’ve had our back this year and are still there to celebrate this New Year with us. We honestly, from the heart, couldn’t have made it without you.

Rock on into 2015 and have an awesome New Year!

Our very best wishes to you and your family,

The Loog Guitars Team