Loog Guitars in Boing Boing! (Again!)

Pretty stoked to be featured in Boing Boing, one of my favorite websites ever, which is appropiately and fantastically self-described as a “Directory of Wonderful Things”. Check it out!

Meet Robbie Leff! He got his Loog, unpacked it, assembled it, and started to rock!

Robbie Leff, one of our amazing Kickstarter backers, recorded this when he received his Loog Guitar yesterday. Pretty cool, right?!


First batch of Loog Guitars: SHIPPED!!! :-D

So… last night we shipped the first batch of Loog Guitars. Quite something, right?! It has been a long and far more complex process than expected, but your support, patience and kind words kept us going. Thanks a million, really!

If you are a Kickstarter backer or pre-ordered a Loog from our online store, you should receive a “Your order has shipped” email with tracking information and in the next few days you’ll have a historic first edition Loog Guitar in your hands! We couldn’t be more excited about this. Can’t wait to hear back from you; hopefully you’ll love your Loog Guitar as much as we do.

It is a historic day for Loog Guitars!



In transit

Hello folks,

I’m stoked to tell you that the first batch of Loog Guitars have finally abandoned the factory and are now en route to the warehouse, where they will be shipped to our Kickstarter backers!


It will still take up to a couple weeks before they arrive, but they are finally on their way.

So that’s the news around here.


PS: Stay safe, east coasters!


Loog Video: How-To Build a Loog Guitar

As we get closer to finally delivering the Loog Guitars, here’s a little how-to build them video, created by talented Cecilia García & friends and shot in NYC. Enjoy!

We are not the only ones who like small guitars :-)

KeithRichards.com just published a new set of photos of good ol’ Keef. Here’s the man busy in the fine art of being impossibly cool, with a nice and small 4-stringed friend on his lap. Even to look at random pictures of Keith is inspiring so be sure check them out.