New Loog Booklet with Songs!

We always try to bring cool things with us to The NAMM Show – and this year, we’ve got something you’ve been waiting for a long time: a brand new Loog Guitars instructional booklet with songs!

New Loog booklet

Yup, there’s a reason why Hal Leonard is sharing their NAMM booth with us (#5720, by the way, in case you want to drop by) – we recently partnered up with them for distribution AND to get some of their songs on our instructional Loog booklet and soon-to-come Loog Academy App. Read more

Your Kid’s Brain on Music Infographic – Updated 2015 Version

Music helps kids grow upWe’re really busy at Loog HQ working on some very, very cool new stuff we’ll be showing you shortly. (By the way, if you’re the nostalgic type, we recommend you take a long, hard look at today before we finally bid it goodbye. It’s going to be legendary!)

But while you wait, we thought it’d be cool to update one of the posts you guys have shared the most: our “Your Kid’s Brain on Music” infographic from way back when. We’ve revamped its style and design, as well as laid it out in web form so you can access all of the information in a jiffy. But, amazingly, the “info” part of it remains the same – learning to play music still plays a huge part in brain development and all of its side-effects continue to blow people’s minds today.

Your Kid's Brain on Music Read more

New Fender Amps Now Available at the Loog Store!

We’ve had plans to include amps in our online store ever since we first started shipping the Electric Loog Guitar and that day is finally here! And we’re talking about Fender amps to boot 😉

The most observant of you may have already noticed a couple new additions to the store during these last couple of days. And those of you who haven’t, here’s the deal: you can now purchase a Fender® MD-20 Mini Deluxe™ Amplifier, a Fender® Mini Tone-Master™ Amplifier, and a Fender® Performance 10′ Right Angle Guitar Cable right here at the Loog Store.

Fender amps for Loog Guitar

You’ll be amazed at how awesome your Electric Loog Guitar will sound with these two babies. Both one-watt, single-channel mini amps com with dual 2″ speakers, dedicated tones, volume and gain controls as well as 1/4″ headphone jack and 9V adapter jack. Just choose whether you wish to go the contemporary route or stick to something a bit more vintage 😉

Both amps are already available at the Loog Store.

Learning to Play Guitar with Loog and Levi’s Kids

We’re always jumping at opportunities to see kids interacting with our Loog Guitars. And with the recent launch of Loog in our own hometown, we partnered up with Levi’s Kids to teach some kids how to play guitar while eavesdropping a bit ourselves 😉

Loog Guitars and Levi's Kids

The experience was amazing – kids responded in an overwhelmingly positive way to the Loog and even dared play a few chords here and there. Our guitar teachers also got into the groove and encouraged the little ones to start playing right away. Most kids walked away excited about music and asking their parents to sign them up for music lessons. Read more

Loog Guitars at Summer NAMM 2015

Our second Summer NAMM was over way before we were ready for it to end – and boy was it amazing. Nashville’s Summer NAMM is supposed to be a smaller version of the Anaheim NAMM Show but well, you know how it usually goes for us: small is sometimes better 😉

Loog Guitars at Summer NAMM

We had a great time this year at the show and, we know we keep saying this, but we feel it was our best trade show experience so far: we closed some nice deals that will help us get Loog Guitars into more stores, more cities and more countries. We also met new friends, including some from Nashville’s songwriter scene who dropped by our booth to play for a while and left loving how the 3-string approach was making them rediscover guitar playing and songwriting. Read more

Loog Guitars at Musikmesse 2015

We finally made it into Europe, you guys! We’ve been eyeing our European Kickstarter backers with subtle envy these past few years and knew we had to cross the Atlantic eventually – and this year’s musikmesse couldn’t have come at a better time.

Musikmesse, for those of you who aren’t really familiar with the international music show scene (as we were before we jumped into this bandwagon) is probably Europe’s most important show. Every single year we lived it through pictures and comments from all the amazing people we meet at other shows year-round. But this time – this time we hopped on a plane to Frankfurt and flew over there to live it ourselves. And boy was it worth it!

Loog Guitars at Musikmesse

Everyone was super nice and everything was super awesome at musikmesse 2015 – including the food (beer counts as food, right?). We made tons of new friends that will hopefully help us get our guitars into many different countries (not only in Europe!) within the next few months. And, to top it all, we fell in love with our guitars all over again as we watched so many people (seriously, so many) try them out in our little impromptu playing corner we built in our stand.

Loog Guitars at musikmesse - playing corner

So thanks to everyone who dropped by and lived this incredible experience with us from their computer and mobile screens! You made this an awesome first muskimesse for all of us. And stay tuned for more amazing Loog news soon…