How to Play your Loog Guitar: Lesson #2 by Keni Lee Burguess

Last week we posted lesson #1 by the amazing Keni Lee Burgess. Here’s lesson #2, with more exercises and tips to get you started playing your Loog.

As we said before, we are really proud to have such a wonderful musician as Keni Lee doing these video lessons and we hope they help you make the most out of your Loog. Spoiler alert: don’t miss Keni Lee’s fantastic slide-guitar demo at the end of the video.

We are not the only ones who like small guitars :-) just published a new set of photos of good ol’ Keef. Here’s the man busy in the fine art of being impossibly cool, with a nice and small 4-stringed friend on his lap. Even to look at random pictures of Keith is inspiring so be sure check them out.