Here’s What the Electric Loog Guitar Sounds Like

The Electric Loog GuitarBusy is an understatement if we’re describing the last couple of days here at Loog Headquarters. But what an amazing understatement it is! For starters, the Electric Loog Guitar Kickstarter project is slowly but steadily growing in funding and we’re getting more and more excited as every day goes by.

The good news just keeps piling up! Apart from everything that happened last week, the Electric Loog was featured on CrowdLifted yesterday and also made it as Kickstarter’s Project of the Day over the weekend – all in just 7 days! And this has all been thanks to you – we feel like we have no words to show how much we appreciate it. Thank you, you guys really rock at making some noise!

(Just a quick reminder: if you’ve been meaning to pledge but haven’t yet, you can do so on our Kickstarter page – the minimum pledge for the Electric Loog is just $1. Or, if you’d like to help us out, feel free to share that same link on your own social media accounts. Thanks!)

And speaking about noise, here’s something to give all those pictures we’re sharing a voice. As our Kickstarter video said, the Electric Loog is a small, tiny instrument with a huge, serious sound. But we’re not going to let you take our word for it – we’re going to show you in this blog post right here.

The Electric Loog Guitar - neck

Keep in mind that even in the SoundCloud tracks, there are no shenanigans going on: all sounds, loops, licks and riffs were played exclusively with an Electric Loog Guitar – this is the real deal.

Turn the volume up, sit back and start daydreaming about what the Electric Loog will finally sound like in your hands:

Electric Loog Guitar Blues

Electric Loog Guitar Clean Sound. from Loog Guitars on Vimeo.

Electric Loog Guitar Slide

Electric Loog Guitar Slide from Loog Guitars on Vimeo.

(A huge thanks to Dinamita Pereda who’s playing in these two videos – this guy seriously knows his guitar.)

And now for some SoundCloud goodies:

(Speaking about knowing his guitar – another huge thanks to Pablo Faragó, the genius behind the Electric Loog Land track.)

Introducing the Electric Loog Guitar

The Electric Loog GuitarYou might have heard on our Twitter, Facebook, tumblr or Instagram that we launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Electric Loog Guitar this week. It’s surreal to even write that sentence down considering all the work we put toward this launch (10 months and counting!) and we’re so excited it’s finally out in the open for the world to see!

The Electric Loog Guitar is just the electric version of our good old acoustic Loog Guitars. It’s got 3 strings, comes unassembled and ends up being a small, little instrument with a huge, serious sound. You can watch our Kickstarter video here:

The response has been so far overwhelming and we’re very thankful and humbled by all of you who have taken the time to not only help us out by backing the project on Kickstarter, but also by frequently sharing the Electric Loog Guitar project on your own social media accounts.

John Biggs from Techcrunch also wrote up an awesome piece on the Electric Loog, where he actually dares to compare the Electric Loog to when Bob Dylan went electric himself. Can you believe it? Best. Feature. Ever.

The Electric Loog also got chosen as one of Kickstarter’s Staff Picks and even got the approval from Chris Ballew from the Presidents of the United States of America (who makes music for kids now – how cool is that?).

It’s only been three days since we launched this and can already feel the love 🙂

We seriously need your help to be able to get to our $50,000 goal. The first way is to pledge $150 to get an Electric Loog Guitar yourself – this is actually an amazing discount price considering the Electric Loog will sell for $200.

But that’s not the only way! We accept pledges from $1 and up, so if you just want to see this project happen, everything helps. And hey, even if you can’t afford to help us with funding and still dig the project, you can give us a hand by spreading the word on your own social media accounts and telling everyone you know about it.

It’s going to be one long month but we’re off to a good start. We’re optimistic so far – but, yeah, it’s been only three days. Let the nerves begin!