The Electric Loog Guitar at Third Man Records Recording Booth

Here’s a quick something we’d really like to share with you.

You might know we were in Nashville for Summer NAMM a few weekends ago, but what you maybe didn’t know is that we took the time to drop by a place we were DYING to see: Third Man Records. We’re huge fans of Jack White here at Loog Guitars (Whitievers? Jack Whiteneers?) and couldn’t resist being so close to his record label and not, you know, drop by and squee at everything we saw. So we did just that.

Third Man Records' Recording BoothThe place is amazing, and it’s all the internet promised us it would be. But the best part -or one of our favorite parts at least- is the refurbished 1947 recording booth they have set up within the tiny shop. How it works is: you go inside, record whatever you want for two minutes and get a one-of-a-kind 6″ phonograph disc with whatever you recorded for posterity. Some people have even gone further and, like Neil Young, have used the booth to record entire albums.

So of course we dragged an Electric Loog Guitar on the trip with us and had Dinamita play in the same place where Neil Young and Jack White have been.

The end result is this little video and a huge dream of ours come true:


Let’s Get Inspired: Hole in the Wall Gang Camp

Hole in the Wall Gang Camp LogoWe bet you’ve got tons of stories about being a kid at summer camp. And even if you’ve never been, chances are you’ve read about them in at least one book during your early teens. Being at camp represents freedom, the outdoors, the arts and, above all, friendship – the ultimate kid-friendly American tradition.

But what about those kids who can’t go to camp because they’re struggling with serious illnesses? That’s where the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp comes in.

The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp was opened by Paul Newman in 1988 for children coping with serious illnesses. As their website claims, the idea was to create a special hideout where they could simply be kids – free of charge.

Located in Connecticut, the Camp has served more than 22,000 children since then. Most campers have cancer, sickle cell anemia, HIV/AIDS, or hemophilia, but all can enjoy the ultimate camping experience with 24-hour medical supervision. There’s boating, fishing, swimming, camping, performing arts, arts and crafts, horseback riding, group games, dancing and singing – just your run-of-the-mill camp activities.

As adults, we now know the world is plagued with misfortunes and it pains us to see kids learning that too early in life. But what the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp does is create a massive silver lining in an otherwise grim situation. The Camp is actually giving these kids the opportunity to be kids – and it doesn’t get more inspiring than that. Just watch the videos below and see those faces:

And yes, those are some happy campers with their Loogs at 0:33. Being such a small, small part of this has been so rewarding that we just needed to share. So go ahead and do the same – the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp definitely deserves it.

The Loog Labor Day Weekend Playlist

We’ve created our own playlists in the past but this is a first: we just got this one in our inbox, created by one of our Twitter followers, @muuums. So we obviously went straight to Grooveshark and turned it into a shareable experience so all of you could enjoy it.

The reason why we loved it so much is that all of the songs have this unique playful, summery quality to them. Labor Day usually marks the end of summer but it’s a good reminder that there are still 20 or so days to go. So get outside, unleash your inner child and make it worthwhile! It’s going to get cold soon enough.

Long weekends are a perfect excuse for this and Labor Day Weekend makes the perfect setting for a hiking trip, an outside barbecue (to the sweet sounds of the Labor Day Weekend Playlist, of course), music and food festivals or any family activity set outside. Our recommendation? Take the Loog with you and jam outside 🙂

So, here’s @muuumsLabor Day Playlist. Have a great long weekend!


Dan Navarro, Freebo, Fiona and a Loog Guitar

Freebo, Dan Navarro, Fiona and a Loog

It had been a while since we heard from David Mills, our favorite music teacher from the Neighborhood Music School in New Haven, CT. But some weeks ago we finally did get something – and surely David is now spoiling us rotten with the goodies he sends.

This time around, watch as Fiona (one of David’s students) gets serenaded at a folk fest by none other than Freebo and Dan Navarro. Fiona took her Loog Guitar to the folk fest for some fun times and ended up with front seats for this little impromptu serenade.

Watch the video yourself:

The look on Fiona’s face is probably our favorite part. Thank you David for the video, but also a huge thank you to Dan, Freebo and Fiona for creating such a great moment! We heart you all <3

Pip Blom Does It Again With First Loog-Centric Album Ever

**UPDATE: Pip Blom and the Loog got featured on TechCrunch because of her new album! You can read that story here (they also liked Pip’s album, so don’t just take our word for it).**

Pip Blom - Short Stories

Last time we talked about Pip Blom we mused about how relatable it was for us to read about her experience with song writing. She spoke about the thick calluses on her fingertips, her discipline, her decisions regarding song-length and her choice of using a Loog Guitar.

Yesterday we received news that Pip’s first album ever finally came out.

First, the facts: named “Short Stories”, it’s got 14 songs, the longest of which runs on for about 1:46. And most of them are played on the Loog. And it’s -quite honestly- awesome. Pip’s voice goes perfectly with the Loog. Some tracks have an almost lullaby-esque appeal to them. Others have a more folky feel. Our favorites so far (after about six listens)? PJ’s, I Wanna Go Right Now and I Don’t Understand.

Pip Blom

So, congratulations Pip 🙂 It’s awesome, we loved it and we’re SO proud right now – not all 16 year-olds have the tenacity and talent to pull this off. We feel like we were witnesses to something that’s just getting started and are sure you’ll be playing at Glastonbury in no time!

You can listen (and buy) the album on Pip’s Bandcamp here. Show her your love and tell us what you think in the comments!


Completely unrelated PS: today is the LAST DAY to get a Loog in time for Father’s Day. Just go to our Loog Store and select 1-day shipping at checkout – then enjoy 🙂

Alex Kapranos from Franz Ferdinand gets a Loog Guitar

Alex Kapranos with a Loog Guitar - Picture by Nicolás Lejtreger

Photo: Nicolás Lejtreger

Last week we got one of those tweets no one expects on our Twitter feed. You might have seen it – even though it was in Spanish we retweeted it and even offered a translation:

@MeniniNicola: Alex Kapranos was just here. He looked at the furniture, played the Loog for a little while and left… and we just realized it was him.

Menini Nicola is the industrial design shop that worked with us designing the Loog (they’re also awesome – you should really check them out). Alex Kapranos is, of course, the lead singer and guitarist of Franz Ferdinand.

This is how the guys at Menini Nicola describe the encounter on their Facebook page:

Tuesday afternoon, a Scottish musician drops by the studio. He liked the building so he went up a couple of stairs and started looking at the furniture. We invited him in, had a quick chat, showed him our work, thought about how we could send it to the UK and then talked about the Loog Guitar, even asking him to tune one for us. Just like that we parted ways and he left. Little did we know this was Alex Kapranos from Franz Ferdinand.

After an entire afternoon of just sending emails with “!!!!” in them we finally got back to our senses and thought: we need to get Alex a Loog Guitar. And that’s exactly what we did 🙂

Alex Kapranos with a Loog Guitar - Nicolás Lejtreger

Photo credit: Nicolás Lejtreger

We got in touch with PopArt, the company producing the show Franz Ferdinand was playing, and they invited us to the show and then backstage so we could give Alex his own guitar (which was, of course, incredibly nice of them). Awesome moments ensued (plus the best photobomb ever in the last pic):

Alex Kapranos with a Loog Guitar - Nicolás Lejtreger

Photo credit: Nicolás Lejtreger

The Loog Guitar - Picture by Nicolás Lejtreger

Photo credit: Nicolás Lejtreger

Alex Kapranos and Rafael Atijas - Picture by Nicolás Lejtreger

Photo credit: Nicolás Lejtreger

Turns out both Alex and the band are not only great musicians but really nice guys. We were already huge fans of Franz Ferdinand and we can’t even put into words how incredibly honored and amazed we are at everything that happened. To be honest, we still haven’t fully recovered from the entire thing. So thank you Agustín and Carlo from Menini Nicola, thank you Danilo from PopArt Uruguay, thank you Nicolás Lejtreger for the amazing pictures and a huge thank you to Alex for being such a cool dude!

Tweet from Alex Kapranos - Loog Guitar

P.S: !!!!