How to Play your Loog Guitar: Lesson #2 by Keni Lee Burguess

Last week we posted lesson #1 by the amazing Keni Lee Burgess. Here’s lesson #2, with more exercises and tips to get you started playing your Loog.

As we said before, we are really proud to have such a wonderful musician as Keni Lee doing these video lessons and we hope they help you make the most out of your Loog. Spoiler alert: don’t miss Keni Lee’s fantastic slide-guitar demo at the end of the video.

Loog Guitars in Boing Boing! (Again!)

Pretty stoked to be featured in Boing Boing, one of my favorite websites ever, which is appropiately and fantastically self-described as a “Directory of Wonderful Things”. Check it out!

We are not the only ones who like small guitars :-) just published a new set of photos of good ol’ Keef. Here’s the man busy in the fine art of being impossibly cool, with a nice and small 4-stringed friend on his lap. Even to look at random pictures of Keith is inspiring so be sure check them out.

Happy Birthday (Uncle) Leo!

Electric guitar innovator Leo Fender would have been 102 years old today. Here‘s a nice piece on the original uncle Leo (Seinfeld, anyone?) appeared in Wired. Enjoy!